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Singer, Songwriter, 
Artist, Meditation Teacher and
Former World-class Mountainbike Racer,
Daughter of Cycling Icon Gilbert Glaus


to my official website and to the beautiful world of Music, Cycling, Art, Fitness & Meditation for purest Joy of life, Love, Beauty, Health and Happiness.

I am Gabriela Glaus, professional singer, songwriter, artist, meditation teacher and known in Switzerland since my birth as my father's, Swiss cycling idol Gilbert Glaus's firstborn as well as former world-class top mountain racer of Switzerland.

Family, love, joy of life and health play a particularly central role in my life. Accordingly, based on my almost lifelong experience and expertise in the various areas of life, I have put together a holistic offer for you, your loved ones and the whole family. - A multi-faceted offering for children and adults in the areas of music, dancing, cycling, fitness, well-being and entertainment. To love, joy and lightness for holistic health, vitality and balance.

I look forward to seeing and to warmly welcoming you soon at my concerts, events, retreats, workshops and courses.

With Love,
Gabriela Glaus
Swiss Cycling History



Music, Harmony & Well-being

Professional Singer for Wedding - Gabriela Glaus

Your Wedding My Song

Live music has the power to express what words cannot: the highest and most profound feelings and emotions of LOVE and thus to touch every heart in the depths. As a singer, I will sing at your wedding, civil or church, spiritual, traditional, modern or classical; and/or write and compose your personal wedding song.

Mami & Kind Kurse für Innere Ruhe und Harmonie - Männdorf - Gabriela Glaus

Harmony of Nature MuKi©

Discover, experience and enjoy with me the beautiful world of original music for inner harmony, peace and contentment, for your inner health and your happiness.

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Heart Sounds©:

Singing and Music Course for Parents and Children

Music unites and delights the hearts, forms deep, loving and harmonious connections and creates unforgettable, beautiful shared memories. ​


Discover, experience and enjoy the magic of music with your little sunshine in this wonderful singing and music course in my guidance.

Yoga Twist

Song to Yoga

Let my meditative live singing touch your heart and experience your yoga practice in greater depth.

Kinderkurse für Innere Ruhe und Harmonie - Männedorf - Gabriela Glaus

Harmony of Nature Kids©

Discover, experience and enjoy with me the beautiful world of original music for inner harmony, peace and contentment, for your inner health and your happiness.

Meditation Retreats für Frauen - Gabriela Glaus


Immerse yourself in the holistic experience of the healing and beneficial properties of your own voice in terms of meditation, reconnection with your inner nature, the original rhythm and flow of nature and the wise healing power of life. To experience holistic harmony, deep peace & contentment, and bliss.

Discover now>>

Fitness, Beauty & Health

Personal Fitness Training for Women Männedorf - Gabriela Glaus

Fit, Healthy, Beautiful & Happy Every Day

Visit my trainings and offers for holistic health, fitness, beauty and happiness. And feel healthy, vital, beautiful and joyful every day.

Art, Movement & Entertainment

Kinderschminken Zürich - Little Star Faces - Gabriela Glaus


Mein Little Star Faces© professionelles Kinderschminken Angebot für glückliche Kinderherzen und -gesichter zum Geburtstag feiern, für Quartierfeste, Events, Charity-Anlässe, Geschäftseröffnungen, Jubiläumsfeiern mit Kinder.

Gabriela Glaus, professionelle Sängerin, Songwriterin, Künstlerin und Tochter von Gilbert Glaus


Besuche die einzigartigen und vielfältigen wunderschönen Events mit mir, in denen die Herzensfreude, die Liebe und der Zauber des Lebens im Zentrum sind. 4x im Jahr.

Kindertanzen Männedorf - Gabriela Glaus

Kinderkurse & Unterhaltung

Musik für Kinder und Kindertanzen Kurse und Projekte.

Hier in meinem Kids Corner biete ich Musikalisches und Kunstvolles für glückliche Kinderherzen und -gesichter.

Mami & Kind Tanzen Männedorf - Gabriela Glaus

MuKi Tanzfitness©

Besucht mich in meinen wunderschönen Mami & Kind Tanzstunden für euch. Gemeinsam erleben wir die Freude an der Bewegung zur Musik.

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