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Gabriela Glaus

I was born in Thun, Switzerland, at the end of October 1986. As the firstborn of Switzerland's cycling icon, the international cycling champion and ex-world champion Gilbert Glaus and Daniela Glaus, I grew up in the public eye and the environment of international professional cycling. A legendary family legacy in the history of Swiss cycling and a family identity anchored in the public eye, which are the context of my life.

My father was still in the middle of his active career and so I experienced first hand 6 years of his active time as an international cycling champion. Therefor my childhood was also marked by numerous wonderful and adventurous trips as part of my famous father's tours.

Because of my father's story and achievements, there is a special bond in our family. My father, together with the help of my mother, created this legendary legacy in the history of Swiss cycling. They created this with their heart and life force and that is why this achievement became the legacy that unites and defines our family.

The fact that my father is living and realizing his individuality gave me the freedom and naturalness to express myself freely in my own individuality and in my full potential, to live all my talents from birth. From the very beginning I showed my profound connection, talent and love for music, my artistic nature, passionate and joyful being. At the early age of 11 months I was already passionate about playing the harmonica and at the age of 3 my father tried to show and explain to me how to play songs on the keyboard by ear. My childhood was very rich in such valuable experiences and adventures, as my father is just as versatile and also involved me in his sports training. ​


Even before I got a younger brother as a playmate, I devoted myself to my love of music and had already happily explored my own singing voice with a small recorder that had an integrated microphone and made my first attempts at dancing. When my brother, who was 3 years younger than me, was old enough, I also happily became involved in my love for music and dancing. I created dance choreographies and performances to the songs and music of our parents, which we practiced together to perform at family celebrations.


Later, when my father ended his active career, cycling remained the focus of our family due to my father's status, but sport in general was always part of everyday family life. As my father later worked as a representative for a famous international cycling brand, he remained in the public eye of professional cycling and my brother and I continued to often accompany my father to the racing venues. So it happened that at the age of 8 I was at the start of my first mountain bike race and came straight into third place. This was the beginning of my career as a mountain bike racer and after that first race I started training with my mother, father and brother. The result ended in an 11-year career as a French-speaking Swiss mountain bike champion and series winner, for which I was invited to the Swiss national squad as one of the three fastest mountain bikers in Switzerland and my place among the 15 best mountain bike racers in the world at international competitions and world championships he fought.

Parallel to my mountain bike career, I dedicated myself to advancing my singing career at school and whenever the opportunity arose in my free time alongside mountain bike training. At the age of 9, I earned my first money as a singer when I walked through the entire neighboring village with a friend and knocked from door to door to sing a song for the residents of the house. Later I founded my first “girl band” and tried writing my first own songs. At the age of 12 I became the lead singer of the school band and gained my first stage experience.

During this time, I also came across dance fitness training through my time as an active top mountain biker in the winter. Which has also remained part of my life. In 2008 I completed my training as an instructor and subsequently created my own holistic dance fitness concept for women, children and girls aged 13+, with which I became self-employed and financed my private lessons in vocal coaching. This was also the year in which I consciously withdrew from the professional cycling scene and the spotlight in order to find my own path and place as a professional singer and to go and find my voice again.


In 2011 I changed vocal coach and was also led to a voice training teacher and expert in ancestral singing styles, where I came into contact with the origins of singing and music for the first time. During private lessons, my voice training teacher recognized my predisposition to use my singing to lead my audience into the experience of profound meditation and gave me professional guidance to realize this ability professionally. During this time, Singing Meditation was born and inspired by this deep and extensive new knowledge and experiences, I created my other unique musical course concept Harmony of Nature Kids and Harmony of Nature MuKi.


Family plays a particularly meaningful role in my life, because my father's legendary achievements as a celebrated cycling icon in Switzerland created an indescribably deep and strong family bond and inspired millions of people worldwide, and continues to do so today. So in 2013 I started to delve deeper into my famous family legacy in the history of Swiss cycling and how I can continue the realization of my own individuality as a professional singer and my father's achievements in cycling, together continuing my family's history in cycling can. It turned out that it was still too early then and it took me 7 more years to first find myself in my wholeness as a singer and personality and to come to terms with my own individuality with all the unique and rich experiences, insights and knowledge, to establish professionally what I have acquired on my own path to self-realization. ​


Doing justice to both, my own independent path as a professional singer and artist and my father Gilbert Glaus' legendary achievements in cycling requires twice the ressources, attention, time, dedication and energy required to advance both equally. But in 2021 I was finally able to find the solution to unite both in my heart and my life: to literally unite both, just as they have always been and are in me since I was born. And so began my project to breathe new life into my family's legendary legacy using my artistic talents. So at the end of 2022 the book project took shape, with the help of my father, to write his biography and create a music album dedicated to this book. ​


Since then, I have also brought together all the wonderful and valuable projects for holistic health (Glaus Cycling and health training for women, children's dancing, Singing Meditation, Harmony of Nature) that I have created throughout my professional life so far under my name, so that from now on I can realize my professional career as a professional singer, songwriter and performer on stage, but also pay tribute to my father's and family's significant and outstanding legacy in professional cycling, and lead with my professional background, expertise and experience in top-class sport in the other offers, to a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle with joy and ease.

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