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Fit, healthy, beautiful & joyful 
every day:

Health training for Women With Me:
Breathing, Posture, Mobility, Stability, Strength, Balance & Fitness

Dates and locations can be found below >>


For beginners. No previous knowledge or fitness experience is required to participate. ​


Visit me in my wonderful and joyful training sessions in a group of max. 6 women for you.


As the daughter of an international cycling champion, I have loved exercise, sport and fitness training since I was born. This also benefits me as a singer, because being on stage requires a fit, healthy and efficient body just as much as being a top athlete.

Physical health, mobility and fitness are fundamental for every person, regardless of whether they are children, teenagers or adults. For this reason, I founded Holistic Harmony, in which I draw on my almost lifelong experience as a top athlete to offer you healthy and natural body and fitness training that takes into account and strengthens the natural rhythm and the nature of the woman's body. ​


So visit me weekly in my health training for you in various place>> and let me give you a wonderful workout for your physical mobility, balance, flexibility, fitness and endurance and naturally train your body awareness and natural breathing, with a lot of joy and ease, in the fresh air, in a group of max. 6 women. ​


  • My professional training program for you includes high quality and effective exercises that were taught to me by renowned physiotherapists during my time as a top athlete, as well as from my own extensive knowledge that I acquired as a high performance athlete, professional performer, holistic health expert and dance fitness instructor. ​


A warm, open and supportive training atmosphere, a lot of joy and ease for a great training experience is awaiting you. ​

  • As a member of my women's training group, you get access to the member-exclusive Facebook and WhatsApp group, where I also send you weekly useful information, tips, information and inspiration for a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle, that additionally promote and support your health, joy of life and well-being.


It's best to register now and start your fitness journey with me.


I look very much forward to welcoming you.


CHF 20.- / training (payment in advance)


CHF 180.- as a 10-session subscription for 10 visits within 12 weeks (payment in advance) ​

What you need to bring:

A drinking bottle with water

Comfortable training clothing (adapted to the respective weather)

Comfortable training shoes (outdoor sneakers)


Health training for women with me in various places:


Weekly on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday morning ​

9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. for beginners ​


  • The exact meeting point will be announced when registering. ​


Participation costs:

CHF 20.- / training (payment in advance)


CHF 180.- as a 10-session subscription for 10 visits within 12 weeks (payment in advance) ​


Registration in advance is required as there are a maximum of 12 places per training.

Do You Prefer Personal Training?

Health training for women with me in various places as personal training: For beginners. ​


Available weekly on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. ​


The exact meeting point will be be agreed upon when making the appointment and registering. ​


Participation costs:

CHF 120.- per training of 30-60 minutes each. (payment in advance)

CHF 100.- per training of 30 minutes each. (payment in advance)


CHF 1120.- as a 10-day subscription for 10 trainings of 30-60 minutes each. within 12 weeks (payment in advance).

CHF 900.- as a 10-day subscription for 10 trainings of 30 minutes each. within 12 weeks (payment in advance).

Visit me also in my other valuable offers for your holistic health:

Gabriela MTB WM Lets Gets 2004_3.jpg

Glaus Cycling for Women

Become a member of my cycling training group for every woman.

Because of my father's meaningful calling, success story and career, cycling is part of my life. This has been the case since I was born and in Glaus Cycling for Women I invite you to find out from me and to experience with me what positive influence cycling has had and still has on me personally and on my holistic health and my life. Become part of my Glaus Cycling Family for women now.

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Gabriela Glaus Singing Meditation

For deep inner peace, harmony, and arrival in the heart, where the seat of love is.

Calmness of thought and deep inner peace, promoting emotional and mental health and more. ​


Find out and experience in my instructions what healing and beautiful properties mantras and meditation have for our holistic well-being, contentment and happiness.

Kopie von Singing Meditation (1).jpg

Happy Dance Fitness

Enjoy cardiovascular, body strengthening and relaxation through elements of dance and more to great music.

My holistic dance fitness concept for you and the ideal complement to my health training. ​


I first came into contact with dance fitness at the age of 12 and dance fitness has been in my life ever since.


Being the artist that I am, I immediately made dance fitness my own after training as a teacher and leader and created a holistic concept for holistic training, well-being with a lot of joy and ease. Allow yourself to be motivated and carried away by my great enthusiasm and love for music, movement and dancing.

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Registrations are required in writing and in advance, via contact form or email.

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