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Aphrodite's Blessing

Aphrodite's Blessing by Gabriela Glaus

APHRODITE'S BLESSING my painting is a dedication to the love of the beautiful, whereby the beautiful is the revelation of Truth.

The Truth you can only perceive with your heart.

This original painting is not available for purchase. Art prints of the painting are available in various formats at various prices. Individual productions of this particular painting are possible on request (from CHF 240.- / 7.9 x 7.9 in).

May you always be aware of the presence, purity and delicacy of love within and around you.

White Lotus

White Lotus by Gabriela Glaus

The original painting (acrylic on canvas 11.8 x 15.75 in) can be purchased for CHF 1'800.- (excl. packaging & shipping costs). Art prints from this painting can be ordered and purchased in different formats at different prices.


Choose the painting you want to purchase, choose whether you want to purchase the original painting or an art print of it and place your order via the contact form. You will then be contacted in writing with an order confirmation and payment details.​

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