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Group online class

6 guided online lessons with Gabriela Glaus live online via Zoom.

  • Begonnen am: 4. Mai
  • 180 Schweizer Franken
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Singing has always been Gabriela Glaus's holy sanctuary, it is always her saving grace, through singing she always finds her way through every situation, through every heartbreak, through singing she always finds back into her power, strength and clarity in the here and now. Now, for the first time, she invites you live to her studio to show you her fascinating knowledge through direct experience. Learn from her how you can use your own voice to achieve deepest inner peace, mind silence, absolute harmony and reconnection for your holistic well-being. Let Gabriela guide you in these 6 lessons to experience this healing and valuable quality of your own voice for your holistic well-being. Lecturer: Gabriela Glaus Lesson duration: 6 live online lessons Total: 180 minutes.

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  • Location 1