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Signature Ceremony Performance Package: For Love in Every Moment.

Make your special day extraordinary with Gabriela Glaus soulful performance for a bespoke musical experience curated for the most pivotal moments of your ceremony.

What's Included:


1. Bride's Entrance: A captivating live performance by Gabriela Glaus, setting the stage for the bride's grand entrance with a specially chosen song.


2. During Vows or Readings: Embrace the emotional depth of this intimate moment with a soulful rendition during the exchange of vows or during readings.


3. Exit/Recessional: Celebrate your union with joyous melodies as you and your guests exit the ceremony space, marking the culmination of this sacred moment.



- Customized song selection for each significant moment.

- Up to 3 live performances during the ceremony.

- Performance duration: Tailored to fit the flow of your ceremony, ensuring the perfect musical accompaniment for each significant moment.



- 2 consultation sessions to understand your preferences and tailor the musical experience.

- 3 rehearsals to ensure perfection and emotional resonance during each performance.


Let the note and the emotions of your love story resonate through music during the most cherished moments of your wedding ceremony. Elevate your day with Gabriela Glaus's exclusive focus on creating unforgettable musical memories during the heartbeats of your celebration.

Contact Gabriela Glaus for an indvidiual price offer tailored to your Weddings specific needs:

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