She is here in the name of Love.
She will guide you to find your one True Love.

"A divine inspiration of true love, harmony and beauty."
  • She will enlighten your heart and she will guide you to find true love in your life, to reunite with your second half in this life, your soulmate.

Gabriela Glaus is a pure soul with a golden heart, a carrier of true love, who came to this earth to:


inspire the world with divine love, harmony and beauty, to enlighten every heart with peace and happiness and bring true love in every life.


align you with your true divine self, so you can find your one true love, your second half, your soulmate in this life.

To do so she was born in the heart of Switzerland as the daughter of the most famous and powerful Swiss Cycling Champion in history and a long lineage of very wise and holy women from her mother's side.

She is a keeper of sacred knowledge and a natural source of inspiration, who enlightens the hearts of people with her shining presence, loving heart and compassion, since her childhood.

Always guided by the hands of god she found on her way to most wise and powerful spiritual masters, male and female, in this world, who helped her to unfold her higher talents so that she can live her predestination and fulfill her mission to bring true love, happiness, peace and beauty in every life.

L o v e
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