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Gabriela Glaus MTB Palmares 1994 - 2005

Get a small and exclusive insight into my own time as a celebrated Mountainbike Champion

Whether I am active in cycling or not, as the first-born daughter of a cycling icon, professional cycling is naturally a part of me and therefore of my life. Because my father not only set a milestone in the Swiss history of cycling, but also broke chains and norms with his performance. He became independent by realizing himself and with his lifestyle and his calling he created a family tradition and identity.

As the first-born, I was born in 1986 in the middle of his active, successful career in the public eye and experienced his successful career up close from birth. I was born into the lifestyle of an international cycling champion and grew up in the public eye in the professional cycling environment. So it happened that at the age of 8 I suddenly found myself as a mountain bike racer at the starting line of my first mountain bike race.

Of course my father is the cycling icon, my time as a mountain bike racer was never intended to achieve the same success as him, because my goal from birth was to realize my singing talent and shine in the world as a professional singer. My time as a top mountain biker was an essential period in my career, which was exactly right at that time from 1994 - 2005. Because I also wanted to realize my athletic disposition and talent at the highest level in order to be able to live to my full potential.

Get a little exclusive insight into my time as a world-class top mountain biker here:
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Swiss Cycling History


Gilbert Glaus, Radsport Ikone der Schweiz, Gabriela Glaus, professionelle Sängerin, Sogwriterin und Performerin
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