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Music, movement & relaxation for inner well-being, harmony, inner peace & joy of life

Harmony of Nature: Reconnecting with nature

My unique musical course concept
for children and mom with child(ren)

Music, dancing, singing and relaxing:
Closeness to nature, joy of life, inner harmony and balance, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and spiritual well-being.

Since my mother and father are both deeply close to nature and my father deepened this closeness to nature through his self-realization as a professional cyclist and thus passed it on to me and my younger brother through the lifestyle in which we grew up, I have also remained deeply close to nature.

In this way, I continually find new strength, wisdom and inspiration in the conscious connection with nature.

I am also very grateful that my parents gave me the freedom from birth to express myself freely with all my talents as an artist and that I was able to be and remain completely myself, thus strengthening my self-confidence so that I can now pursue my own path as a singer and artist in this world.

Music and art in general are of essential importance for the inner health of every human being, as they have the wonderful power to touch us in the depths of our being and give us the opportunity to discover and free our inner nature and truth, to experience our uniqueness.

As an artist, I see this as essential for emotional health, and so, inspired by my love and connection to nature, my joy in working with children and mothers with child(ren), and my skills, knowledge and talents as a singer and artist, I have created HARMONY OF NATURE for you.

Music, dancing, singing and relaxation lead me back to the beneficial and harmonious connection with nature:

In my Harmony of Nature courses for children as well as mothers with child(ren), we discover together the harmony and power of the connection to nature through beautiful, gentle music, movement, dance stories, singing mantras together and final relaxation.

The best thing to do is just come along and experience for yourself the unbridled joy, deep harmony and blissful lightness as well as the positive effect on your inner well-being of the Harmony of Nature courses with me.

I look forward to welcoming you.

See you soon.

In Love & Joy,

Gabriela Glaus


1x a month in Männedorf:

Harmony of Nature for mothers with children

CHF 35.- per time


CHF 330.- with a 11-day subscription ​


Space for max. 10 mommies with children

(As soon as the places are allocated, there will be a waiting list that you can join.)


Harmony of Nature for children 5 - 7 years old

CHF 25.- per time


CHF 220.- in a 11-day subscription ​


Space for max. 10 children

(As soon as the places are allocated, there will be a waiting list that you can join.)

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