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Holistic Harmony

Feel Beautiful, Healthy & Happy.

In order to feel beautiful, happy and healthy, we ourselves have to be active and do something about it; the right thing and every day.


I founded Holistic Harmony based on my extensive professional background, knowledge and experience in music, holistic health, meditation, fitness and elite sports. This is to help you with my unique offerings from Holistic Harmony with my almost lifelong expertise in maintaining emotional, mental and physical health, balance and well-being so that you too feel healthy, happy and content, ideally every day. ​


Find the right offers for you here or, best of all, visit a Holistic Harmony Retreat with me where you can experience my Holistic Harmony program in its entirety for you and for your holistic health, joy of life and lightness.


Health training for women with me in Männedorf 

Taking care of the health, mobility and performance of your own body and maintaining a healthy and good feeling about your own body is just as important for a happy, healthy and satisfied life as taking care of your inner health. Visit me in my health training in Männedorf or my retreats for you and do this with a lot of joy and ease under my guidance.

1. Inner Peace & Strength

Meditation individual lessons, individual sessions and group courses on site and online:

For emotional, mental and physical health, clarity, balance and stability.


In today's world, meditation has become fundamental to being and staying happy, content and healthy. Meditation is not a method but a state of being. Learn from me in individual lessons what meditation really is, how you can become meditative yourself and find out what the state of meditation feels like in the guided individual sessions and group courses with me.

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3. Physical Endurance & Fitness

Cycling training groups for women around the world

Become a member of my new global cycling training group for women: Although I have been a singer with heart and soul since the beginning, my father also gave me cycling training in my cradle and I am deeply grateful for that to this day, because of my physical health , fitness, endurance and performance are fundamental for every person. Bicycle training is one of the most valuable and joint-friendly fitness training sessions. Accordingly, based on my own well-known long-standing background as a world-class top mountain bike racer and even more based on my famous family roots in professional international cycling, I have now officially launched my global cycling training group for women and children in the name of GLAUS CYCLING in 2024.

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3. Joy of Life & Vitality

Holistic dance fitness training for women, courses, workshops and retreats:

In the 3rd step of my Holistic Harmony program for you, we will train your physical fitness and condition with a lot of joy and love for dancing to great music. My holistic dance fitness training for you is harmoniously put together so that you are guided through the training gently and healthily and enjoy a holistic training effect for mobility, cardiovascular system, physical strength and relaxation.

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Holistic Harmony Retreats

Feel beautiful, healthy & happy.

Book your place in one or more of my monthly Holistic Harmony Retreats now and experience my Holistic Harmony program for you in its entirety for your holistic health, joy of life and lightness. ​


No previous knowledge is required to participate.

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