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Immortalize your love through a personalized composition.

Let Gabriela Glaus Create Your Unique Wedding Song


Unveil the power of music in narrating your love story. Gabriela Glaus invites you to experience the magic of a bespoke wedding song—a musical embodiment of your extraordinary journey together.


Crafted with precision and passion, Gabriela, as a gifted singer and songwriter, curates personalized compositions that encapsulate the essence of your love story. Your shared moments, emotions, and unique narrative are intricately woven into a soul-stirring melody, creating a timeless treasure.


Embrace the opportunity to immortalize your love in a song, a melody that echoes your devotion and becomes the soundtrack of your union. Collaborate with Gabriela to transform your heartfelt story into an unforgettable musical masterpiece, tailored exclusively for your special day.


Elevate your wedding experience beyond convention and make it truly yours with a personalized composition by Gabriela Glaus—a melody that will resonate through the ages, celebrating your love in the most harmonious way.

Different Packages

Here are the different price packages based on industry standards and considering the complexity and personalization involved in creating a personalized wedding song for you:


Basic Package:

  • Includes a custom-written wedding song based on your personal love story:

Custom-written song composition (lyrics, melody, basic instrumentation), and a demo recording.

The basic package is providing you with a complete personalized song experience, including both the composition and a demo to hear how it will sound.

1. Custom Song Composition:

This includes writing the lyrics, crafting the melody, and providing a simple instrumental accompaniment (e.g., piano or guitar).

2. Recording Demo:

A demo recording of the song for you to review and approve.

Price Range: $1,000 - $2,000


Standard Package:

  • Custom-written wedding song based on your personal love story, with a more intricate arrangement or instrumentation:

This package offers a more refined and professionally produced personalized wedding song experience, catering to couples seeking a higher level of musical complexity and production quality.


The standard package for a personalized wedding song includes additional elements and more intricate work compared to the basic package.


Here's a breakdown:


- Enhanced custom-written song composition, expanded instrumentation, professional recording, and potential add-ons such as:


1. Enhanced Composition: 

A more complex and detailed arrangement of the song, including additional instruments or layers to enrich the musicality.

2. Professional Recording:

Recording the song in a professional studio environment to ensure high-quality sound production.

3. Customization Options:

Potentially more revisions or customization based on your feedback.

Given the increased complexity and additional services included, the price range for the standard package is:

Price Range: $2,500 - $4,000


Premium Package:

  • Custom-written wedding song based on your personal love story, with an elaborate arrangement, instrumentation, and professional recording:

This package caters to couples seeking a truly extraordinary and personalized musical masterpiece, with no compromises on quality, customization, or production value.


The premium package for a personalized wedding song offers the most comprehensive and premium experience, including a high level of customization, intricate musical arrangements, and top-tier professional services.

Elaborate custom-written song composition, full-scale professional recording, unlimited revisions, and top-tier quality.


Here's what it includes:


- Extensive customization, intricate composition work, full-scale professional recording, and potential add-ons such as:


1. Elaborate Composition:

A highly detailed and elaborate arrangement of the song, potentially involving a full ensemble or orchestration for a richer and grander musical experience.

2. Top-tier Recording:

Recording the song in a top-tier studio with access to top-notch engineers, equipment, and production quality.

3. Unlimited Revisions:

More flexibility for revisions or alterations to ensure the song perfectly matches the couple's vision.


Given the elevated level of craftsmanship and premium services involved, the price range for the premium package is:

Price Range: $5,000 - $10,000+

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